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Shawcor is the only coating provider in the industry to provide end-to-end anti-corrosion and flow assurance systems that include the factory-applied line pipe coating and a highly compatible field joint coating installed at a location the customer selects. We can apply coatings onshore on spoolbases, multi-jointing facilities or offshore on pipelaying vessels.

We offer a full range of flow assurance coating solutions, allowing operators to use the optimal system for their parameters, such as water depth, maximum operating temperature and installation method.


LotusFlo is a super hydrophobic, ultra-thin, internal Diamond-Like Coating (DLC) designed to reduce and possibly eliminate deposition of scale, asphaltenes and wax on tubular surfaces. The coating is molecularly bonded to the tubular’s electrically conducted substrate via a plasma deposition process.



The polyurethane foam in the Insul-8 system provides a cost-effective alternative for preventing hydrate formation in gas pipelines, maintaining viscosity of hot oil lines and providing freeze protection for water and sewage lines.



Insul-8 AG is a pre-insulated system for above-ground pipelines. It contains Aspen Aerogels’ Pyrogel insulation material protected by an outer aluminum sheath.



Nemo 1.1 is an epoxy-urethane based subsea insulation field joint and custom coating system developed for flow assurance.



Nemo 2.1 is an epoxy-olefinic-based subsea insulation field joint and custom coating system designed for flow assurance.



Nemo Hybrid is a dual-layer, subsea insulation field joint system designed for flow assurance and reeling thick line pipe insulation coating.



Pipe-in-Pipe uses a low-density, polyurethane foam product applied by either injection moulding or spray application to fill in the annulus between the inner and outer pipe. This provides highly efficient insulation performance in both shallow and deepwater applications.



ThermoFlo is a polyurethane-based insulation coating designed for offshore flow assurance.



Thermotite is a polypropylene-based insulation coating that can be designed and manufactured in a wide range of thicknesses and layers to meet specific performance and subsea installation requirements for both shallow and deepwater applications.



Thermotite ULTRA is an innovative subsea insulation system with unlimited water depth capability, comprising a specially engineered blend of polymeric materials with unique mechanical and thermal properties.



ThermoFlo® is a polyurethane-based subsea insulation field joint and custom coating system designed for flow assurance.



Thermotite® IMPP is a polypropylene-based subsea insulation field joint system created for flow assurance.



Thermotite® ULTRA™ is a styrenic-alloy-based subsea insulation field joint system developed for flow assurance.




Wetisokote® is a polypropylene-based, syntactic foam subsea insulation system designed for flow assurance.

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