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Ensuring electrical and mechanical reliability with engineered products and solutions from Shawcor's Connection Systems group.




ShawFlex and DSG-Canusa are part of Shawcor’s Connection Systems group. For over half a century, we have manufactured and developed ShawFlex wire and cable products and DGS-Canusa cable accessories like heat shrink tubing with innovation, precision and dependability. We have built and maintained a reputation for excellence which stems from our unparalleled customer service and catalog of top quality products that meet the high performance needs of today in a wide variety of industries and markets.

Our mission is to lead the industry in manufacturing superior products while creating an incident-free workplace with no harm to people or to the environment. Our approach is driven by our long-term commitment to the research and development of industry-leading materials and products.


Spanning a wide range of physical property characteristics—including shrink ratio, operating temperature, fluid compatibility, flammability and temperature resistance—and available in multiple designs, our heat shrink tubing provides electrical insulation, environmental sealing and strain relief in an endless number of industries and applications. We also offer a variety of low and medium voltage cable accessories to terminate and splice utility and industrial cables, as well as equipment insulation and connection for environmental sealing, flashover protection and more.


Our experts work with your engineers to directly address your operation’s unique technical challenges. The result? Innovative cable solutions—from power, control and instrumentation to custom composite cable designs—manufactured to your exact specifications, tested to the highest industry standards and proven to deliver reliable connectivity for the long term.

DSG-Canusa Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog


To find out more about our extensive product range download the DSG-Canusa Heat and Cold Shrink Catalog.

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Heat and Cold Shrink Products Catalog - for EMAR


Lear more about our broad range of products and download the catalog here!

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