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Shawcor provides systems to shield pipelines from rocks in mountainous terrain and other harsh environments. Engineers created pipeline rock shield systems to cushion impact and protect coatings during construction processes and backfilling operations.


RockShield System

The WrapidShield PE RockShield system is engineered to provide high-impact resistance and compressive strength when used as a protective layer over top of anti-corrosion coatings. The material resists impact damage due to rocky backfill materials or offshore lay barge rollers. WrapidShield PE helps to cushion any impact during the construction process, is more economical, and is lighter and easier to install than alternate methods of protection.



Fiberglass System

WrapidShield XL provides superior mechanical protection to field joint coatings on directionally drilled pipelines or areas where severe backfill conditions are present. A moisture-curable, polyurethane-impregnated, fiberglass protection system for joint coating, WrapidShield XL provides effective protection against abrasion and wear forces during the pull-through or backfilling operations.



Rock Jacket is a plant-applied, reinforced, concrete pipe coating developed for onshore pipelines routed through steep slopes and rough, rocky terrain.

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