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Posted on May 16, 2019 12:50:38 AM
Spotlight: Waste incineration plant project
Spotlight: Waste incineration plant project

When the Bonn Waste Utilization Plant called for pipe protection, we found the right solution to protect their assets.

The Waste Utilization plant in Bonn, Germany was established in 1992 and is extremely important to the community as it processes 800 tons of waste per day which adds up to approximately 200 thousand tons per year. Their incinerator produces steam which is piped to a neighboring power station to produce power and long distance heating. By doing so they gain about 500 Mil. KWh of steam a year and transform it into electricity and long distance heating, enough for a mid-sized town.

In waste incineration, as in the chemical, refinery, cement and pharmaceutical industries pipes are exposed to toxic substrates which damage and corrode pipes. This causes high costs for the industries due to downtime and subsequent repairs.

MVA Bonn was looking for high temperature, chemical resistant protection for their pipes, working closely with MVA engineering we were able to provide superior technical support offering our DERAY®-VT 220, tubing for mechanical protection for a one year trial and were very successful. We were able to provide the customer a mechanical solution to their problem where other solutions had failed, building our reputation for providing products that insulate, seal and protect.

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